Leadership Development

While organizations tend to invest in employee development, leaders and management are often overlooked. There is an expectation that leadership skills are naturally present in those who have risen to the top of the organizational chart. Since that is not always the case, we believe that development should continue throughout every phase of a career. Our interactive leadership development training workshops are customized for your organization’s needs, and focus on introducing participants to a necessary set of skills and techniques that will increase their effectiveness in the workplace.

Strategic Planning

Sometimes we are so focused on what we are doing that we can’t see what we are not doing as well as we could. Or maybe it’s just a case of what worked well in the past has now lost its effectiveness in light of present-day circumstances. Does your organization have a fluid approach to procedures and operations? Is there a short and long term plan? Or is it more a case of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So why not take a proactive approach? Whether the small or type of organization, we’ll help you identify organizational gaps and develop plans to close those gaps through our customized training.

Business Coaching

Some view coaching as a tool to correct an under performer or as a form of step-by-step instruction. In reality, it is a complex network of interaction and relationship that fosters growth. After assessing and determining the potential coaching opportunity, the process includes asking questions, active listening, guidance, feedback, encouragement, and self-awareness or -discovery. In our workshop, we walk through the process from the benefits of coaching to how to coach effectively.

Team Enhancement

Each person has unique gifts, talents and skills. Research tells us that organizations and employees thrive when these gifts, talents and skills come together to form highly functioning teams of people working together to achieve a common purpose or goal. There’s creativity, engagement and collaboration, which leads to enhanced efficiency and productivity. In our workshops, you will learn how to build and develop highly effective and productive work teams. 

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

Many people list public speaking as one of their greatest fears. Having the right tools, knowledge and how to effectively connect with your audience helps reduce that fear. Presenting to your team or before a large audience, mastering the skill of delivering impactful presentations is necessary for doing business and excelling in your career.  Our highly interactive workshop helps in enhancing your presenting and public speaking skills. It is for anyone who gives presentations, speeches, or lectures.

Sales Training

Wouldn’t it be great if every sales person had the skill to sell snow to an Eskimo? With sales being the lifeblood of an organization, it’s no wonder that a great sales person is held in such high regard. At the Jackman Group LLC, we believe that no one stops learning and developing— for to stop or to stand still is to fade away. We welcome the opportunity to work with your sales team to assist in their continuing growth and closing identified gaps. Our interactive sessions are customized to your organization.