• We highly recommend The Jackman Group LLC

    For their expertise in the area of professional employee assessment and coaching.
  • One of the BEST Leadership Development Training I have ever attended

    Patrick Jackman was insightful, passionate, and engaging.
  • They are not just another training company

    They personalize the information and build on what the Company already has or if needed completely revamp it.

20+ years

Of experience

We understand the importance of training and developing leaders and managers and thus excel at serving as strategic partners in this area. We work with you to assist in your achieving of both organizational and individual goals.

By providing customized training and development programs, as well as other specialized solutions, we help our clients to improve both performance and efficiency. Any business or professional interested in enhancing effectiveness will benefit from a strategic partnership with The Jackman Group LLC.

Who We Are

The Jackman Group LLC is a training and development organization specializing in leadership development training, strategic planning and team enhancement. Our clients are from the corporate, small business, government, education and faith-based markets.

Understanding the power of a multidisciplinary team, we leverage the collective experience of our network of trainers and facilitators to provide you with a comprehensive and holistic solution. 

Patrick Jackman

Our Services

Leadership Development

While organizations tend to invest in employee development, ...

Strategic Planning

Sometimes we are so focused on what we are doing that we can...

Team Enhancement

Each person has unique gifts, talents and skills. Research t...

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

Many people list public speaking as one of their greatest fe...

Sales Training

Wouldn’t it be great if every sales person had the skill to ...

Business Coaching

Some view coaching as a tool to correct an under performer o...

Customer Focus

100% focus on our clients


Operate at the highest level of integrity in all that we do

Commitment to

Partnership with you, our client and to the facilitation of your success

Our Approach

When providing the service of training and development, we:

  • Listen to gain understanding 
  • Identify the gaps in performance and productivity
  • Deliver interactive training
  • Utilize highly interactive formats and exercises
  • Provide competency-based leadership development
  • Apply self-awareness tools 
  • Supply top trainers and coaches
  • Achieve measurable results 

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